Q1. Romaji is wrong!

There are many type of Romaji, So it is hard to say what’s is correct and what is wrong.
In Japan, Two types of Romaji are mainly used. It is called “Hepburn style” and “KunRee style”.
“Hepburn style” is made by American researcher. This style is easy to know how to pronounce Japanese for English speakers.
On the other hand, “KunRee style” is made by Japanese government. It is easy to understand Japanese system.
For example, In “Hepburn style”, “し” is written as “Shi”. But in “KunRee style”, “し” is written as “Si”.
For purpose of teaching Japanese, there are many books used “Hepburn style”.
This app also using “Hepburn style”, but slightly different. Especially, about “Long sound”.
In “Hepburn style” long sound is written with “macron”, for example “ā“.
But this is hard to input in English keyboard. So In my app, long sound is written as double vowels, For example “aa”.


Q2. Hiragana is wrong!

Some users reported me about shape of hiragana is wrong, especially about “き(Ki)”, “さ(Sa)”, “そ(So)”, “り(Ri)”.
Actually, It is hard to say which shape is correct or wrong, because Japanese government or educational institutions didn’t define what is correct.
That is why shape of Hiragana is slightly different by generation or region.
However at present Japanese school, Japanese children are studying the shapes that used in Kanakana App.
For example, “き(Ki)” has 4 strokes. 3 stroke version is designed font for computer or printings.
I think students should study “Text book shape” first. So users don’t worry about it is wrong.


Q3. Pronunciation is wrong!

I born in Japan, and I’m native Japanese speaker.


Q4. Your Japanese is wrong!

Please tell me the detail. I can’t fix app by only the comment like this.


Q5. Konnnichiwa. Ogenki desu ka?

Hai, genki desu. Arigatoo gozaimasu.